What is Public Voice?

Public voice is a coalition of civil society organisations to promote, maintain and strengthen public service broadcasting in the UK.

Why are we setting up Public Voice now?

This is a crucial time for the future of PSB. With BBC Charter review underway and the future of Channel 4 as a not-for-profit corporation being considered,  it’s essential that the views of the British public are taken into account. We believe the interests of civil society groups are not being properly represented in the current debate. 

Our public service broadcasters provide a valuable source of reliable, trustworthy information for mass audiences, both through their journalism and through other broadcast and online material. They are crucial to stimulating interest, engagement and participation in the democratic process. They also ensure that less mainstream issues, like those which are important to civil society groups, are given fair and balanced coverage.

We must not lose something which is valued and admired around the world!

What will Public Voice be doing?

Public Voice supports a BBC which is adequately funded so it can fulfil its public purposes. We also want Channel 4 to continue to invest its surplus income into public service content, without the need to pay dividends to shareholders. The BBC and Channel 4 — together with ITV and Five — are key elements of a media landscape that informs and entertains audiences and make a vital contribution to UK society.

We will be meeting with MPs and Ministers, and submitting evidence to Parliament, the BBC Trust, Ofcom and the DCMS to ensure that all UK citizens’ interests are protected, including those who are most vulnerable in our society.


During the last Charter Review in 2004 and the run up to the Communications Act in 2003 Public Voice was an influential coalition, comprising a wide range of civil society organisations with an interest in the social and democratic benefits of public service broadcasting. IBT, an original founder member of Public Voice, has decided that we need to pull together again to protect our broadcasting system which is the envy of the world and unrivalled elsewhere.

The global purpose

We are particularly keen to ensure that the global purpose remains part of the BBC Charter. It states that the BBC should bring “the UK to the world and the world to the UK”. A founder member of Public Voice, IBT, was instrumental in lobbying for the inclusion of this purpose in the last Charter renewal negotiations.

Join Public Voice now

No work or resources are required on your part, but if you want a voice in the debate about how public service broadcasting can benefit all members of UK society, join Public Voice now!

View the Public Voice presentation for EDF March 9 2016

If you would like to find our more about how to join Public Voice please contact IBT’s Head of Advocacy, Sophie Chalk at sophie.chalk@btinternet.com